September 14, 2008

Campaign Blast from the Past: JFK & LBJ

During the 1960 presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson made an airport stop in Amarillo, Texas. And it was there that LBJ stepped up to a podium and delivered a speech nobody heard.That's because nearby pilots gunned their engines and Johnson's words were lost in the roar. (One assumes that the pilots were either mischief makers or Richard Nixon supporters... or both!) LBJ was not happy about that. Not one bit.

Here's a shot of LBJ during happier times, as a college student during the 1920s. Weird, huh? Like you, I'm so used to seeing the statesmen of yesteryear as older adults, this goofy young man takes some getting used to.

*My sources are here.


antonio gonzalez said...

If you ever travel to the Panhandle of Texas you can notch your belt: you have arrived to the middle of no where. And if you have a Democratic party bumper-sticker, or maybe just a red colored car tag, don't be surprise if find yourself in the way to the nearest ditch. You have now come to the "land of Us---Republicans---"en masse" Republicans They have always voted this way: during the Kennedy, and during the Johnson elections, always have.
So the big surprise is that Senator Johnson got a chance to open his mouth in Amarillo, let alone talk along with an airplane engine! "Secession from the USA" is easily overhead in the Service Station---if you happen to stop for gas. And the table greens are rarely seen---forever set with meat and more meat---and potatoes: baked,fried and "mashed". They still resent that President Johnson closed "their" military base, the one in Amarillo--- back in 1965"Revenge! Pure revenge for voting Republic, every body knows that!" So to this date, it's welcome pardner and please vote blue or pass on by!

Bart King said...