December 5, 2018

SPY STUFF: One of the best books of 2018?

The good people at Powell's Books have posted their best kids' and young adult books of 2018 . . . and The Pocket Guide to Spy Stuff is on the list! (A big thank you to this mysterious "Gigi L.")

Want to see the world's coolest license plate?

"Hello, is this the sign shop? It is? Good. I need a new butt!"

... said the cigar-store owner, after a storm knocked down his old sign.

I just said “I’m sorry” to an automatic door for accidentally making it open, and now I’m a Canadian citizen.


"Dear Haters"


[bookstore moments]

PERSON 1: I need a new butt.

PERSON 2: What?! Why would you say that—

PERSON 1 (holds up book)

I gave Augie an hour to rake the yard, and THIS is all he got done?! Fine. Good dog, I guess. Here’s a treat.

Fine. Good dog, I guess. Here's a treat!