July 21, 2017


Listen, I can't share any gifs right now cuz I'm doing housework.

I'm exhausted from that! Time to take a fun break.

O-kay...maybe it's time to go outside. 
One, two, ready? AHHHHHH!

Sound familiar?

Correction of the Week!

Okay, it's bad enough that they called hot dogs "sandwiches" . . . 
But spelling ketchup as "catchup"? 
Cancel my subscription!

July 20, 2017

Two Things:

1. There is clearly quite a story here. 
2. I would prefer not to know what it is.

July 14, 2017


You know who cracks me up? People who get mad at inanimate things. My best friend used to do this ALL the time. He'd stub his toe on a chair, then kick the chair — and hurt his foot even more! With that in mind, may I present...
But then there are the people who are SO cool, inanimate objects work with them. Take this dude — and dig the hair flip!

July 13, 2017

What’s something that nobody looks cool doing?

Dan Rubinstein asked the question in the headline. Then he added, "I’ve got running with a backpack on and swatting at bees.” Other responses:
  • Eating a cupcake
  • Catching a bouncing ping pong ball
  • Getting on or off a ski lift.
  • Drinking from a straw.
  • Switching from sunglasses to eyeglasses
  • Taking off a turtleneck
  • Getting into or out of a hammock
  • Using a coupon
  • Trying to hold together & eat a hard taco after your first bite shatters the shell
  • Wearing a jersey in the stands
  • Pokรฉmon Go
  • Putting a belt back on after going through airport security
  • Walking downhill fast
  • Having “Happy Birthday” sung to you
  • Walking into a spider web
  • Dog paddling
  • Slow-jogging through a crosswalk at a 4-way stop in flip-flops while cars are waiting
  • Having the hiccups
  • Putting on pillow cases
  • Fishing through change to find the exact amount
  • Backing up on a motorcycle
  • Walking in ski boots
  • Coming out of the bathroom on an airplane
  • Being an adult and playing on the swings
  • Getting out of a kayak
  • Air drums

That's pretty cool — hey!"

July 12, 2017

Okay, this is gross.

Have you ever heard of "activated charcoal"? It's supposedly good for you. But if you add it to batter like a restaurant in Australia? You get fish and chips from Mordor! Via.

Sheesh, do they think I'm an idiot?

Yes, I know how to use it! I just wish the sunscreen makers 
would do something about that TASTE.

I like this photo.

Cypress. Point Reyes, USA