May 23, 2016

Well, THAT'S a disturbing "error" message!

"Please try a different Occupation"?! 
Sheesh, that's harsh.

Surprise Guest!

An unexpected guest surprised me at my recent Powell's book talk: Kathryn Tanquary! She's a former student of mine and current super-talented author who lives in Tokyo.

Katie's debut novel, The Night Parade, is *amazing*! It’s not just me saying that—critics love it, and Publishers Weekly gave the book a starred review. 

Anyway, she signed my book like this:
And if you're wondering what "raccoon goggles" are . . .

May 13, 2016

You guys, I'm live streaming!

Win a free copy of The Drake Equation!

Almost a thousand people entered the GoodReads contest to win a copy of The Drake Equation

And while it's over, you can still win a copy over at "My Brain on Books."

Bonus: It has a guest post by me! :P