August 20, 2017

Need a stage name?

I was just updating my website when I came across a fun feature I wrote for The Pocket Guide to Magic. It's this handy guide to picking your stage name!
(I'm M.C. Hermes Poodini, btw.)

August 12, 2017

T-GIF! (and yes, I know it's Saturday)

That's not how you do it...

...and THAT'S not how you do it...

This also seems quite incorrect...

Oh, come on, isn't ANYONE going to get it right?

Maybe this guy gets it...


July 31, 2017

The ONLY time you need to see a person playing a video game

The most boring thing on the planet is watching somebody ELSE play a video game. So I don't do — with the exception of this gentleman, who's streaming the scary game he's playing on Twitch when suddenly  . . . THE HORROR!

July 29, 2017