September 21, 2008

An Introduction to Moose Hunting

From An Introduction to Moose Hunting, a site run by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Floating – Floating silently down rivers and creeks in a raft or a canoe is a most pleasant way to hunt moose. The object is to float around a bend and see a bull eating willows on a gravel bar, drinking, or walking on a riverside trail.... Moose...are not particularly hard to kill with a well-placed, well-constructed bullet.
Shot Placement – I always recommend a lung shot.... a moose hit through both lungs will bleed out all of the muscles through the damaged lung tissue as the moose dies.... Often times [sic] a lung shot moose hit only once will calmly go back to eating and will sag to the ground after a minute or two.ADDENDUM: A blog reader has asked why anyone would want to kill a moose. Please! Moose might be the biggest troublemakers of the animal kingdom. Their name alone is confusing. One moose, two moose? Mooses? Meese? Forget about it! Also, moose have been known to lie in wait to trample unsuspecting people like you.

According to moose safety experts, if a moose charges you, it is okay to run. So do it! You also might want to hide behind something and then peek out to see if the moose is still after you. If the moose is, don’t try to argue with it. Instead, place this blog gently on its antlers. This will make it happy and the moose will leave.

You can leave also. Arm yourself, and then float silently down a nearby river in a raft or a canoe. This is
a most pleasant way to get revenge on a moose.

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