September 28, 2008

Shuffleboard Posses

Angela Pusateri is a Florida rapper with a new CD: "Who's Your Granny?" It's an appropriate title since Pusateri is 79 years old. And when Pusateri rocks the mic, she does so with lyrics like, “I am older and wiser, I ain't a disguiser/I am condo commando in a high-riser/Who's your granny?" SHE’S your granny.

Okay, actually she’s not. But to thirteen-year old Jenna Pusateri, having the world’s coolest grandmother is a source of slight embarrassment. Not that this is a difficult accomplishment; one can embarrass teen-aged relatives simply by exhaling carbon dioxide... or rapping, "Move over, Trick-Daddy, 'cause this is my town/I gotta shuffleboard posse and we're known to get down."

In the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, reporter Ihosvani Rodriguez wrote on Granny with some hip-hop hyperbole: “Granny Rapper is a septuagenarian hip-hopper who knocks out the rhymes with the energy of L’il Kim and the wisdom of Grandma Moses.”

This clip from Retirement Living TV shows off Granny's skills, but ignore the strangely lame producer at the start.

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