September 26, 2008

With This Burger, I Thee Wed

The Mirror reported on the marriage of Brits Tom and Kerry Watts and their wedding burger. It was big. Tom's quote:

I got to marry the woman of my dreams and then I got to have the burger of my dreams the same day.”

There's something both endearing and off-putting about huge hamburgers and the people who love them. So cute, so very wrong... Hey, does the same sentiment hold true for hot dogs?

The Philly Phanatic recently gave us a case-study when it duct-taped a number of jumbo Hatfield Hot Dogs in order to fire them from a hot dog cannon. (It was for a commercial.)

The hot dogs were left behind as litter, and eventually, for members of the Philadelphia police bomb squad to deal with, as they responded to a report of suspicious packages outside of the Phillies stadium.

An A.P. report stated that after evacuating stadium employees, the bomb squad blew up the sausages. A Phillies senior VP said, "We could have gone over and picked it up and thrown it in the trash... But if we had been wrong, somebody might have lost an arm."

I guess. But what hot dog deserves to be fired from a cannon and blown to smithereens by a bomb squad on the same day? As for the Phillie Phanatic, no conclusions are drawn. It seems as endearing and repellent as it always has!
*Phillie Phanatic photo by Erglantz.

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