October 2, 2008

Herpetological Favoritism: Lost Frogs and Beloved Turtles

In these troubled times, it’s nice to think back on a simpler, gentler age.

Unfortunately, I can’t. I’m stuck with what happened on May 31, 2007. With Portland’s Rose Festival in full swing, a young Jonathon Ware became a flesh-eating zombie.

That is to say that Jonathon had just had been face-painted as a zombie when a local TV newsperson swooped upon him for a real-time interview. We all know what happened next.

Just as a song can get caught in your head, the image of Jonathan’s 1,000-yard zombie stare and the masterful way he stunned the reporter has been stuck in my mind. I'm hoping to exorcise this viral today... and just to be safe, I’m going with the Bill O’Reilly mash-up of the episode too.

The idea of taking a child's touching or funny non sequitur and then riffing on it has an appeal. Take the website LostFrog.org, which takes a child-created "Lost frog" flyer and runs with it. Here's the original graphic; click through the site to see its permutation.
P.S. I'll find my frog.

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