October 19, 2008

How Was I Supposed to Know What "Cease and Desist" Meant?

English teachers know that an intriguing sentence can be a terrific creative writing prompt. But the right stand-alone sentence can also tell its own story.

The editor(s) at One Sentence solicit "insignificant stories, everyday stories, or turning-point-in-your-life stories, boiled down to their bare essentials"— namely, one sentence. Examples below. (Site Warning: Some sentences are inappropriate for younger readers.)
As I woke up from my nap to find written on my feet "This is my momma and you can't have her," I realized that my child is very, very strange.

After finding out her grandfather was in the army, my daughter asked, "Was he with the green guys or the tan guys?"

I have three giant bruises and a bit of a bruised ego as proof that you can, in fact, forget how to ride a bicycle.

The man who cut me off in the Starbucks parking lot proceeded to hold the door for me as we entered.

She tried to convert me to Christianity because I looked Jewish.

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