October 20, 2008

Just Hum Along If You Don't Know the Words

To protest the wastefulness of driving giant Hummers, the founders of Tag a Dummer have created a giant letter “D” which can be superimposed over the auto’s “H”. It turns a Hummer into a Dummer. See?

Whatever your feelings on this sort of mischief, the particular alteration above seems richly deserved. But as much as I like a troublemaker, I winced a bit at the site's disingenuous legal notice:
The creators of this website do not endorse any form of vandalism. The intention of the website is to educate people about driving certain vehicles that are on the market. Whatever a person does with the resources available on this site is 100% this person’s responsibility.
Yes, I'm sure the Dummer creators would be shocked (shocked!) to find that someone was actually using their big letters. (And do they actually qualify as vandalism?) No worries, though. Hummer owners are known for their enjoyment of a good hoax. After all, one could argue that they're playing one of their own every time they get behind the wheel.
Last Thing: It's doubtful that Hummer/Dummer owners will be persuaded to change their ways because of an adhesive letter on their car. So is the only rationale in adhering the letter their ridicule? While the petty part of my brain (about 92% of it!) applauds this notion, the Tag a Dummer website succeeds so admirably in its stated goal of educating visitors about Hummers, I wonder if they should stick with that and subtract the stickers. (Oh, and I believe the sticker above is a nice satirical twist on Hummer demonization)

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gonzalez gonzalez said...

Aha! Finaly found a good way to vandalize the doctor's parking lots of the city! Those places are good for vandalism, dark, unfriendly, and all you need is stethoscope around your neck and get away with "Murder She Wrote". I just can't wait!!!