October 28, 2008

Killer Billboard

Where: The Yinji Shopping Mall in Zhengzhou, China.

What: A mannequin hanging by his neck from the top of the billboard.

Ad Translation: "It's better to invest money here [in China] than put it into the stock market." (Yes, it's a reference to the global financial crisis.)

Public Reaction: Panic. Crying children. Lots of complaints.

Official Reaction: A deputy director of the local trade bureau: "Without the hanging man, it's really not that shocking."

Jiang Chengpu (creative director of the ad): "We are making fun of the depressing stock market here. And the place the mannequin is hanging is right next to the stock index line."


Portland Constantly Golfing Type Girl Person said...

I saw this in a sudden burst of light yesterday, when I looked at my 401K statement online. This outdoor board must have far reaching karma, perhaps global karma.

Bart King said...

I've boycotted viewing ALL of my investment statements. (It puts my dog on edge to see me crying.)