October 8, 2008

Spanish Portland

The Portland Trail Blazers crushed the Sacramento Kings last night in an exhibition game. Though the game was not televised, there were numerous sweet assists from Portland's resident Spaniards, namely Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez. Stuff like this:

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Anonymous said...

How was the game not televised? How can Portland claim to be fanatical about their Spanish Natl team but not televise their games? It's really quite pathetic. At least we televise our games and our team will be lucky to win 20 this year.

This was a preseason game, right? The Detroit Lions were undefeated in preseason and it surely translated well into the real season.

Alright, alright - you'll make the playoffs. And Roo-dee might be another ROY candidate. Oh, and that Oden kid isn't too bad either.