October 22, 2008

Why Kevin Martin Is a Bad Person (Evidence to the Contrary Notwithstanding)

When Kevin Martin of the Sacramento Kings dunked on Greg Oden he won a $1,000 bet from teammate Mikki Moore. (The bet was on who would be the first to do so.) This is objectionable for two reasons:
1.) Gambling is bad.
2.) He dunked on Greg Oden. (Announcer: “Zzzz, blahblah—OH WHAT A MOVE!”)

ADDENDUM (10/28/08): The New York Times revealed that in the following game against the Clippers, Ricky Davis offered $500 to the first player who could dunk on Oden. It's a trend! Anyway, the Kings lost thanks to the Portland Armada of Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez.

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Anonymous said...

OK - you know I have to comment on this one. The oop that Fernandez threw down was all the more impressive given the fact that Martin broke Fernandez' freakin' ankles with the crossover prior to his dunk over Oden AND Aldridge.

I'm telling you, this Martin cat is pretty good. He was sixth (yes, sixth) in the league in scoring last year despite Artest taking WAY more shots. His scoring efficiency (points per shot attempt) is the best in the league - and he plays shooting guard! The Kings will be lucky to win 25-30 games this year but it will be interesting to see how he does with defenses geared to stopping him and only him. Rick Carlisle called him the most underrated player in the league and an absolute nightmare matchup. Too bad the Kings lose out on the other four matchups on the floor at any given moment.

I'm more and more convinced that the Blazers will win 50+ this year. I'm not sure what the long-term contract situations are like for everyone - can they afford to keep Roy, Oden, Aldridge, Fernandez together more than a couple/few years?