November 15, 2008

Stand-Up Comedians and Gangsta Horticulturists

Before Larry David was the writer/producer for Seinfeld, and the star of his own show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, he was a stand-up comic. Unsurprisingly, David was an idiosyncratic one; he didn’t do well with half-wits, hecklers, or the inattentive.

A memorable late 1970s performance of David’s is described in Richard Zoglin’s excellent book, Comedy at the Edge:
One night at Catch [a Rising Star], David came out, silently scanned the audience, muttered, “I don’t think so,” and walked off without saying another word.
Asked to reminisce about the moment today, David simply says, “I just didn’t like what I saw.”

What a mensch.

Along the lines of unfinished business, the Northwest Florida Daily News reports that three men were caught after they'd “attempted” to write an expletive on the road.

As the article diplomatically notes:
The expletive, which normally contains four letters, was missing the last letter — a "k." [A sheriff’s] deputy noted that although…the word was spelled wrong, the suspects will face criminal mischief/graffiti charge due to "the graphic nature of the word attempting to be spelled out."
Is attempted indecency more or less indecent than the regular kind? A wag has pointed out that they may have been a band of gangsta horticulturalists trying to spell “fuchsia.”

I don't think so.

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