January 15, 2009

Tax the Robots

“I’m the most experienced vice president since anybody.”
Vice President-Elect Joe Biden, interviewed in today's New York Times.
I've been a little concerned that our new executive team might be feeling a surge of unseemly hubris. So I was encouraged to receive this message from the Obama/Biden transition team yesterday:
Dear Bart,

We wanted to tell you about a new feature on Change.gov which lets you bring your ideas directly to the President. It's called the Citizen's Briefing Book, and it's an online forum where you can share your ideas, and rate or offer comments on the ideas of others.

...after the Inauguration, we'll print them out and gather them into a binder like the ones the President receives every day from experts and advisors....your idea could be included in the Citizen's Briefing Book to be delivered to President Obama.
Did you hear that? The ideas submitted by people like us will be in a binder just like the ones the President gets from experts! Chortling with glee, I went to the site, and while I formulated my thoughts, I took a look at the most recent idea that'd been left for the President Elect:
We are doomed.

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dgm said...

Ah, note the memo doesn't say what the Citizens Briefing Book will be used for. My guess is that the President and his team will whip it out at Thursday happy hours. Then they'll laugh uncontrollably at the citizen-buffoons.

At least that's what I'll do when I become Presidentress.

(Incidentally, my word verification word is "diumbra", which I think must mean "two shadows.")