February 26, 2009

Seize Control of Your Local Mensa Chapter

Despite well-organized public protests, The Pocket Guide to Brilliance is now available. This book has been specially designed by scientists to enhance your genius and to inspire you to be a better citizen.

Plus, it has jokes!

I know what you’re thinking: “Is this some kind of tricky self-improvement plan? Bor-ring!” Not at all! In fact, due to its feathery weight, handy size, and the heat-activated glue on its cover, you’ll find Brilliance really hard to put down.

I'm not sure what the tag line for the book should be, but I'm partial to:
Finally, an intellectual devotional” that doesn’t require intellect.
(But reading it will take devotion!)

BTW, pocket editions of these Big Books are also now available.

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