March 25, 2009

Brave New Curriculum

As you perhaps know, I make full use of modern communications technology. Not only do I enjoy editing privileges at Wikipedia, but I also have a MySpace page. (I think.)

So I was pleased to read of a proposal in Great Britain to hone the educational curriculum to ensure that students master the uses of blogging, podcasting, Twitter and Wikipedia. Of course, to make room for this, World War II and the Victorian Age will be pared from the schedule. Well, I suppose sacrifices have to be made. Besides, that’s what the History Channel is for.

Hey, wait a minute— It reads here that “traditional books and written texts are [to be] downplayed in response to web-based learning”?

Why, those chutney-bottomed twits! I hereby renounce my MySpace page in protest. That'll teach 'em.

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