March 5, 2009

Get Your Learning On

If you’re a high school senior looking for uncharted territories to explore, undergraduates at Indiana’s Vincennes University can major in Bowling Industry Management and Technology. And Liverpool Hope University has a Master's program in the Beatles!

For more esoteric offerings, the On-Line Colleges site offers the 15 most unique college courses in the U.S.:

15. Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular “Logic” on TV Judge Shows University of California, Berkeley

14. Underwater Basket Weaving (Yes, really.)
University of California, San Diego

13. Learning From YouTube
Pitzer College

12. Philosophy and “Star Trek”
Georgetown University

11. The Art of Walking
Centre College

10. Daytime Serials: Family and Social Roles
University of Wisconsin

9. Joy of Garbage
Santa Clara University

8. The Science of Superheroes
University of California at Irvine

7. Zombies in Popular Media
Columbia College, Chicago (syllabus here!)

6. The Science of Harry Potter
Frostburg State University

4. “The Simpsons” and Philosophy
University of California-Berkeley

3. “Far Side” Entomology
Oregon State University

2. Myth and Science Fiction: “Star Wars,” “The Matrix,” and “Lord of the Rings”
Centre College

1. The Strategy of StarCraft
University of California, Berkley

Hmm, looking over my transcripts, I don't seem to have enrolled in any particularly odd classes... I did have a Comparative Literature professor who showed us a slide show of surreal paintings while listening to a Pink Floyd soundtrack.

And that was our final. No joke!

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