April 13, 2009

Who Moved My Cheddarvision?

Who Moved My Cheese? was a very successful book by Dr. Spencer Johnson. It was about business... stuff... I think.

Anyway, a number of Chinese publishers tried to capitalize on it with their own takes on the book's title, including Can I Move Your Cheese?, I Don’t Bother to Move Your Cheese, Chinese People Eat Cheese?, and Make the Cheese by Yourself!

This reminded me of the glories to be found at www.cheddarvision.tv. English farmers founded Cheddarvision a couple of years ago, and the site still has a live webcam featuring a West Country Farmhouse Cheddar cheese.

Yep, it's a 24-hour webcam broadcast of cheese. A big wheel of cheddar just sits in a dank, cheese-ripening warehouse, surrounded by hundreds of other cheeses. You want excitement? Once a week, a man comes in and turns the cheese to redistribute the moisture within. Yes!

Does this sound boring to you? Then you don’t love cheese! Or something. Anyway, Brits love allegedly “boring” websites. Check out this one (self-proclaimed as “probably Scotland’s dullest WebCam”) that shows nothing happening on a side street of a village near Glasgow.
Ooh, but the world's most boring website of all time deserves its own entry. (And no, you're not already on it, weisenheimer!)

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