May 29, 2009

Conferences Were Never More Fun

It's happened to all of us: Your conference meeting/bike ride attracts a third member, and suddenly your old tandem bicycle looks woefully inadequate. Dang! Another account lost.

But now, the Conference Bike is here. Imagine it: Seven riders working things out and pedaling for a common cause! Of course, some of the riders will be riding sideways or backwards, which is where a little something called "trust" comes into play. And what is a business meeting without trust? (I'm not really sure, to tell the truth. I've never been in a business meeting. But if I were, this is how I'd do it!)

I suppose you could also find out pretty easily who does and doesn't pull (or push) their weight around the office. Anyway, there are different Conference Bike models available; the top-of-the-line model is $12,750 for the bike that seats seven. (And seriously, I would LOVE to take one of these out for a ride. Ooh, and this gives me an excuse to use this graphic of a sculpture by Giancarlo Neri. This is not Photo-shopped; the chair and desk are just that big.)

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summer said...

Re: photo of sculpture by Giancarlo Neri --


(and, really enjoy reading your blog. Also, just bought your book "The Pocket Guide to Mischief" today. BTW, I am a former teacher, too.)