June 18, 2009

Marketing Mistakes!

I've yet to have my author photo appear on one of my books. That's a good thing; it's what people in the biz call “savvy marketing.”

I understand this. As a reader, author photos have played a role in whether or not I've gotten a book. And that brings me to Thrift: Rebirth of a Forgotten Virtue. This book is aimed at drawing attention to “thrift” (as in “saving money”).

Its ad reads, “In an age when corruption and greed have crowded out personal responsibility, Thrift is lively, topical, and immediately useful.”

Fair enough! And what kinds of coupon-cutting traits does author Theodore Malloch's photo reveal?

Oops. Better luck next time! (More details here.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Takes a genius to put up a picture that good for your book called "Thrift", definitely a great choice.