June 16, 2009

Which Is Better: Mysapce or Utube?

According to a poll reported on at the Daily Mirror, the most commonly misspelled word in the United Kingdom is “definitely.”

Other problem words included broccoli, phlegm, indict, bureaucracy
, prejudice, and unnecessary.

The pollsters’ conclusion: “Technology is contributing to our inability to spell.” As for popular opinion, among the people who were polled, 42% believed that poor spellers are “thick.”

Along similar lines, USA Today has a story about the most commonly misspelled words in Internet searches. Contenders to the throne include previous winner definitely (aka, definately, definetly, defiantly); convenient (convient, convienent, convinient), nauseous (nautious, nauseas, nausious), and mischievous (mischevious, mischievious).

The leaders among search terms are “Swan Flu,” “Brack Obama,” “Mysapce,” “utube,” and “Gogle.”

Okay, okay, these are at least mildly understandable errors. But “Paperview boxing”?! Puh-leeze. There’s only one explanation: Someone out there on the Internet is a bit thick. (And stop looking at me!)

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