July 9, 2009

CANCELLED: Bart King Memorial Tribute Bike Ride

As some of you may know, I recently suffered a dramatic bike crash. (Note: In this context, the word “dramatic” signifies a low-speed, high-dorkiness incident.) In the tragic aftermath, I hit rock-bottom when I accidentally smeared some Neosporin on the couch.

Hearing of this bad news, a friend charitably wrote to me:
Your carrying on despite your life-threatening injuries is an inspiration to all of us. A small group of your friends is establishing an international foundation and a tribute bike ride in order to prevent such a disaster from happening to anyone else. Just the thought of what we hope to accomplish brings tears to my eyes.
While I was touched by this outpouring of support, I’m afraid that I really must cancel the event. Please rest assured that I don’t do this out of any misguided sense of nobility or martyrdom.

Rather, I seem to have gotten better. (Go figure!)


Anonymous said...

I may just have to abdicate as president of your fan club now.

Bart King said...

Well, in that case... the Memorial Tribute is back on! (Now will you reconsider?)

kaie said...

i'll be tying a yellow ribbon around the cherry tree for you