July 20, 2009

Magical Thinking in the Morning

As you can see, I was pretty worked up about appearing on AM Northwest this morning. And I wasn’t alone! Note the responses of host Helen Raptis and youthful magician Caleb Sohigian. (Link to the video through the picture to the left or at the bottom of this entry.)

I was concerned because the show was also going to feature actor/musician Bart Kane. Note the promo; how could it be that Bart King and Bart Kane were going to be featured on the same program?

The more I thought about this, the more enraged I grew! What are the odds that there’s a guy named Bart Kane who’s breathing my air AND maybe going on the air before me?

So you can imagine my relief when the gentleman in question turned out to be Christian Kane (of TNT’s show Leverage). It was a mere misprint! (And Kane turned out to be pretty cool, too.)

As to our appearance, that realistic cry of pain from off-camera was courtesy of Caleb’s dad, Dave. (Not to worry; the doctors say that the eye-patch should come off in a couple of weeks.)

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Robert said...

"...but who's counting." LOL!