October 21, 2009

Touched by an Anvil

Researching The Pocket Guide to Brilliance, I learned that the sport of "anvil shooting" dated back to the Revolutionary War. American soldiers had started the tradition of firing guns in the air during July 4th celebrations, and next thing you knew, they got more ambitious. After all, why shoot a gun when you could launch an anvil?

Doing so is simplicity itself. First, get one large anvil.

Then, get another large anvil.

Finally, obtain a lot of high-grade gunpowder. Take your items to an open field. Place one anvil upside down. Fill its opening (anvils have cavities on the bottom) with gunpowder. Run a fuse out of there and put the second anvil on top of the first one.

Light the fuse! Enjoy the subsequent explosion and be sure to keep your eyes on the top anvil. If you followed directions, it should be somersaulting up over 200 feet in the air! The most important part of the game is making sure you don’t get touched by an anvil on its descent.

Now, pay attention as world champion anvil launcher Gay Wilkinson struts his stuff!

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