January 25, 2010

You Call THAT Book Dangerous?

I've just been informed that two balmy Brits wrote a book titled The Dangerous Book for Boys. If you know anyone who thinks that this vile volume is better than the incredibly tremendous The Big Book of Boy Stuff, use one of these specially designed British insults on them:

Look! A chutney-bottomed ninnyroger!

Have you got marmalade for brains?

You, sir, are a milk-faced popinjay.

Blimey! Only a troglodytic dullard would fancy that book.

Bart King smart. Your book dumb.

(Of course, the fact is that Dangerous Book is an excellent book, and I even wrote a laudatory review for it when it came out. But it's more fun to pretend that I have a grudge against it, so play along!)

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