February 14, 2010

Black Socks: The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Have you ever put your hand in your pocket and “discovered” money? Me either. But I bet it’s a good feeling! And I bet all of us can agree that it would be fun to roll around on a pile of gold coins and chanting, “I’m rich! I’m rich, y’all!

But actually GETTING a pile of gold coins is not so fun. In fact, treasure hunting can be a real pain in the dubloon. I mean, you’ve probably seen someone at the beach who’s puttering with a metal detector. You know, the older gentleman who’s wearing black socks and a sensible hat, and is sweeping a big disc back and forth in front of him? Like me, you may have wondered, “Is it remotely possible that he’s enjoying himself?”

A man named Terry Herbert was certainly having a good time recently when he discovered over 1,500 pieces of jewelry and weapons. They were all made of gold and silver. And they were over a thousand years old. The treasure was so priceless and important, nobody could even say how much it was worth!

So how did Herbert find these riches? Was he a historian who had taken years putting together clues from Dan Brown novels? Or maybe he was more of an adventurous Indiana Jones treasure hunter!

No and nope. Herbert had bought a metal detector for a few dollars at a rummage sale, and he was out puttering around in a field with it. And I would bet a gold bracelet he was wearing black socks at the time!

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