March 16, 2010

Just TRY to Keep a Dry Eye

The good people at Raincoast Books recently gave away a copy of The Big Book of Gross Stuff to an unlucky father from Waterloo, Ontario. He back wrote to Raincoast:
“[My 8-year-old son] has barely put the book down, and has read to me the same sections at least two or three times with a laugh that brings a smile to all parents' faces. The Big Book of Gross Stuff has brought a lot of laughter into our house over the weekend and it has a little boy reading it over and over.”
That IS pretty awesome. Many thanks for sharing this! Now, before we all get choked up, let me tell you that the father added, “I am now convinced that putting the word 'FART' in any book will get boys to read.”

Rats, he discovered my secret!

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