April 17, 2010

Good Ideas: Klingon Hamlet!

I like to read.

And sometimes I'm lucky enough to come across a book that is SO exciting, I'll jump out of my chair and sprint to the computer. In the process, I may end up stepping on a hamster exercise ball and doing a spectacular wipe-out, but that's a price I'm willing to pay so that I can write this:

The Klingon Hamlet is cool. And as Chancellor Gorkon once said, "You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon." From the book's product description:

For too long, readers throughout the Federation have been exposed to The Tragedy of Khamlet, Son of the Emperor of Qo'nos, that classic work of Klingon literature, only through inadequate and misleading English translations. Now at last, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Klingon Language Institute, this powerful drama by the legendary Klingon playwright, Wil'yam Shex'pir, can be appreciated in the elegance and glory of its original tongue. 
This invaluable volume contains the complete text of the play, along with an English translation for easy consultation and comparison. In addition, an incisive introduction explains the play's crucial importance in Klingon culture, while copious notes illustrate how the debased English version diverges from the original, often distorting and even reversing the actual meaning of the verses.
Khamlet, the Restored Klingon Version, is a work that belongs in the library of every human who hopes truly to understand what it means to be Klingon.
So now the true authorship of William Shakespeare's (or Wil'yam Shxx-pir's) plays is resolved! Raise your tankard of Romulan ale on high and shout to the heavens: "taH pagh taHbe'" (to be or not to be)! 

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