April 6, 2010

I Have a Bad Peeling About This

If you went by the Banana Club Museum in Altadena, California, recently, you may have noticed that it's closed. But don't despair! It's going to re-open next year near Palm Springs.

But I do have a banana to pick with Ken "Top Banana" Bannister, the museum's creator. He claims to have the world's most petrified banana (left).

But apparently, he hasn't seen the wizened specimen I pulled out of my backpack recently!


Maggie said...

Speaking of food museums, there is a Mustard museum in Wisconsin about ten minutes from Madison. But there's no guys dressed like bananas, like that guy at the banana museum :)

Bart King said...

I wonder if other condiments have their own museums...I could see ketchup having one, but not sauerkraut.