April 11, 2010

Sleeping Mayor Incites Near-Riot (but at least he wasn't snoring!)

This news story of a mayor and his wife both immediately falling asleep at a school's play just HAS to be read:

Children at Vale School in Worthing, England, were excited to be entertaining Mayor Noël Atkins and his wife Helena at their production of Bugsy Malone [a story where kids play gangsters].

However, the budding actors’ confidence was crushed when their guests of honor dozed off within minutes. Parents condemned Mr. Atkins’s behaviour as “appalling” and demanded that he apologize.

Ashley Knowlson, 11, said: “I couldn't believe he fell asleep…It was cheeky of him. We worked really hard and I loved being in the show.”

Another parent, who asked not to be named, said: “The couple were the guests of honor but within 20 minutes they had both fallen asleep. It's just disappointing for the children…They thought the mayor was bored because their performance wasn't good enough.”

A spokeswoman for the mayor said: “He dozed off during the performance but it wasn’t as if he was snoring…He just shut his eyes for a few minutes.”

Mayor Atkins is normally better known in his home town for his energetic approach to local politics. He threw himself into his first engagement after his appointment last May by “crowd surfing” over an audience at a festival. 

He said at the time: “It was a great sensation though I was a little concerned that I might lose my trousers.”

And last year, Mr Atkins made a 12,000 foot parachute jump before landing in a heap of cow dung.
[Full news story here!] 

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