June 20, 2010

Chundering and Proposals Don't Mix

I was once an incurable romantic, but since my last round of inoculations, I've gotten better. But even so, I was pleased to read that a young man named Oliver Harkness proposed to girlfriend Priyanka Chaudhuri with a display in the shop window of London’s Primrose Hill Books.

MERITS: Oliver described his feelings leading up to the big moment this way: “I was so nervous I nearly chundered.” (Bonus: The bookstore manager, Jessica Graham, loved the idea.)
DEMERITS: Oliver is a banker. While that’s not so bad, I'm obligated to gently mock him for standing like such a sissy in the photo. (Plus, I don’t see any of my books in the window display!)
FINAL ANALYSIS: Good on Oliver.
Story here.

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