August 9, 2010

Amazon Reviews

I'm always interested in reading reviews of my books...and not only was I pleased to read this Amazon review, but it cracked me up, too. Thank you, anonymous Kid Reviewer!
First, I want you to know that I am a girl and I want everyone to know about this great book. I am a middle school student so I love gross stuff. One day I brought The Big Book of Gross Stuff to my English class. When my class saw the title they wanted to read the book.
One of my favorite chapters was "Everyone Poops." Here are some reasons. Number one, it made me want to barf. Number two, on page 105 in the chapter there was a chart about human poop. I have referred to it a few times. Number three, it really talks about poop facts so you can entertain your friends while you are reading the book.
This is a book that kids will want to finish because it is way more interesting and relevant than some of the things they teach at school. I have only one question for the author, did you really go hiking in Switzerland in only your underwear?
Answer: Of course not! Wait, what was the question? This review had so many funny lines ("I have referred to it a few times"), I forgot what we were talking about. :)

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