September 1, 2010

Stupid Facebook! (BONUS: An awesomeness reminder!)

Yo, Robot! You wanna
hot dog or somethin'?
I just realized that when I post nonsense on my Facebook page, I neglect poor little Unexpectedly Bart! So let me play catch up:

First, that Spanish edition of Isaac Asimov's I, Robot sort of cracks me up.

Next, I see that Val Kilmer is playing Mark Twain in a new movie. It sounds like a joke, but apparently not...Kilmer shows up 1:25 of this preview:

Oh, and since summer's sort of played out, I guess it's kosher to run this photo. Funny, my mom used to say "Resistance is futile" to us kids when she made oatmeal...and that was WAY before Star Trek re-coined the phrase!

Ooh, this just proves that a good drummer makes ANYTHING better. This guy plays along with a Nokia ringtone medley...and it rocks!

Speaking of awesome, there's a website called Awesomeness Reminders. This is its homepage:
What's funny is that this site has an FAQ with this question-and-answer:

Q: Your web page sucks. How do I know the service is legitimate?
A: By spending less money on web design we can afford to spend more time telling you or a loved friend, coworker or family member, "You're awesome!"

Nice out! I have to remember this. "My book sucks so that I can afford to spend more time writing good books."

Wait, that doesn't work, does it? Let's see, what else... I liked the picture to the right of a motorcyclist who's wearing a barbecue...

...and I think that brings me up-to-date. Now, I'm back on Facebook. Why? This awesome music video from Turkey will explain it all. (Oh, and let me remind you: It's AWESOME!)

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