December 14, 2010

Television Licenses Are Fun!

Did you know that in some countries (like England), you have to buy a license for your television?

That's right, the people have TV licenses. And it's illegal to have an unlicensed TV! Here are some of the lousy excuses people in England gave for NOT paying for their TV licenses:
  • “My house was invaded by a squirrel which peed on my TV, so now it doesn't work properly.”
  • “I don't need to buy a licence as I live like a Buddha.”
  • “I don't watch the television; I just use it as a light in the dark.”
  • “Can you call back later? I want to finish watching the end of this TV program.”
  • “I thought my TV Licence would be free as I only watch TV when I'm bored and mostly at the weekends.”

From Newslite.

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