December 9, 2010

"Urkel" becomes a verb. An awesome, awesome verb.

A Tennessee middle school principal named Bobby White grew tired of seeing sagging student saggers in his hallways. You know, kids whose pants are hanging low?

So White turned to Urkel for inspiration. That means teachers armed with zip ties look for kids wearing saggy pants. And when they see one, the student gets “Urkeled”!

This involves folding and sliding the pants waistband so that there’s no slack. Then the zip ties keep it there! And this led to two of the greatest quotes in any news story:

—“I thought it was a joke,” said student Jadarius Walton.  “Until I got ‘Urkeled.’”

—The teacher started “Urkeling” up to 80 students a week. “Everybody who possibly needed to be ‘Urkeled,’ they were ‘Urkeled’,” said one teacher.

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