January 6, 2011

Six Ways Readers Can Help Their Favorite Writers!

A writer named Simon Wood came up with his “Five Ways Readers Can Help Their Favorite Writers” list. Here it is, edited slightly and with one addition:

By Mo Riza
1. Buy a book. I know it’s a given, but if you want to keep your favorite writers in business, you have to buy a book.

2. Borrow a book from the public library. If the library doesn’t have it, request it. This helps not only the writer, but also the libraries. 

3. Write a review. It doesn’t have to be an in-depth critical analysis or high school book report. Just a few sentences giving a title a thumb’s up is good. Then put it up on Amazon, Barnesandnoble.com, etc. 

4. Tell a friend. Word of mouth is gold. If you like a writer or a book, tell someone about it! 

5. Buy another book. Don’t be one those people who say “yeah, I read a book once.” It won't hurt to do it again and writers will thank you for it.

6. Read. Even if you're not buying a book, checking out a book, writing book reviews, or talking about books, just READ. It can only change you and your world for the better.

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