February 10, 2011

The Author’s Greatest Riddle!

“What’s your book about?”

You’d THINK the answer to this question would be easy! Of course, I could just say, “It’s about spy stuff.”

But that might seem mean! 

My goal with Spy Stuff was to write an espionage book so irresistible, even the most reluctant reader (kid or immature adult!) wouldn't be able to put it down.

At over 300 pages, this book does have lots of funny and educational information. But if I go on and on about its contents, that defeats the purpose of WRITING the book in the first place! Wait, speaking of contents...
Of course, I should share that the book features illustrations by the talented Russell Miller
Finally, in addressing what the book's about, here's a review from Dr. Michael Milone:
It's a fascinating collection of information that includes famous and infamous spies and their techniques, high-tech espionage, and even the ethics of spying. Although young readers will love the book, they may have to wrestle it away from the adults in the family... Best of all, it's entertaining. Only Bart King could make the Cold War seem this funny.

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B. the C. said...

Me thinks that me has just been uber-deceived!
Thou shalt pay dearly! I swear by the Privates of Crom!

Barbar the Conarian