April 16, 2011

An Important Message!

Mocking the people who stare at their cell phones is a great idea. (And it also reminds me not to do it myself!) You can buy the above as a poster from Burning Books Posters.

And because its message is so important, I've taken the liberty of making a text version below.

Notice is hereby given that all citizens MUST everywhere and everyday constantly fiddle with their cell phones.
AT NO TIME is it permissible to sit idle and observe the poetry of life or look into the eyes of another person. 
Aberration will not be tolerated!
The arrival of a snippet of trivial text holds the promise of unimagined pleasure!
Drivers, this means YOU. Honor thy ringtone and thy jiggling hand-held device above all other gods.
  • Practice constant devotion to the precious object
  • Give full attention to the glorious technology
  • Maintain unselfish love for the flimsy hardware


Anonymous said...

This Burning Books version is a ripoff of the original (which does not say "Drivers this means you").

Bart King said...

Oh! What a rip-off.

Hey, where's the original?