May 30, 2011

Butter is its own food group!

This food-chain poster is from World War II. That was a more innocent time . . . when people thought butter and margarine were an entire food group!

Of course, people had all SORTS of weird ideas of food back then. I mean, they thought that adding a little vitamin B1 made doughnuts good for you!

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Sean O'Bryan said...

It seems crazy, and it is in its way, but one has to bear in mind that there was a lot less fat in the American diet back then, and, despite what nutritional scare tactics might have you believe, fat is necessary.

For the nutritional knowledge they had at the time, the chart is surprisingly sophisticated. Some aspects, like breaking up the fruits & veggies based on nutrients (the orange & cabbage group is vitamin C, for example), might even edge out our latest efforts in some respects.