May 19, 2011

"Lower Macungie Patch" is one cool name.

Lower Macungie Patch is in Pennsylvania. And it's there that youth librarian Erin Stephens works . . . and where she wrote this kind note about The Big Book of Spy Stuff!
I don’t know a boy (or “big boy”) who hasn’t been obsessed with James Bond at one point or another. Whether it’s the gadgets or the thrill-seeking, what boy wouldn’t want to be a spy? Enter The Big Book of Spy Stuff
If anyone read 2007’s The Dangerous Book for Boys [blech!], it’s much the same humorous delivery of both facts and how-to’s. And much like how parents learn to sneak vegetables in a picky child’s favorite dish, I like that this book mixes in some legitimate history, like spies in the Revolutionary War and Cold War, as well as spy organizations like the CIA. Topics cover code-breaking, how to keep secrets, what some of the worst spy names through history have been, and more. 
You might have to give your little James Bond a warning to not attempt his eavesdropping skills on his sister, but this book will definitely be a hit with the boys!

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