June 6, 2011

Spy review!

Over at Washington Parent, Mary Quattlebaum has a kind review for The Big Book of Spy Stuff. Here's part:
King always brings witty energy to his how-to advice and information. The result: well-researched, wacky compendiums that kids love to pore over . . .
King’s most recent offering, The Big Book of Spy Stuff, makes for an especially enthralling read . . . [He] covers espionage, ethical issues, secret messages and spymasters, and chapter titles such as “The 12 Types of Spy Screw-ups,” “Weird Assignments” and “Becoming a Pro” can only hint at the cool (and sometimes goofy) facts in store.  
Just an example: the chapter on animal spies reveals a CIA mission to float a robotic catfish, describes the use of glowworms in World War I missions and shows how to “train” your dog or hamster to be an undercover operative.

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