July 9, 2011

Your Book of the Day!

"When we think of an influential person, someone who has had tremendous impact on the world around them – the Nelson Mandelas, Mother Theresas, Winston Churchills of the world- there are naturally questions that come to mind. Where did he go to school? Who were her influences growing up? What inspired him? And of course – what kind of doorknobs did he have?

"Look no further. Dr Johnson's Doorknob And Other Significant Parts Of Great Men's Houses allows the reader glimpses of the items that really matter... From the mantelpieces in the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt to the crockery in Washington Irving’s home and the banisters in the William Morris Gallery, this is your one-stop shopping for burning questions like 'will I ever know for certain what style of soup tureen Charles Darwin favored?'."

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