August 25, 2011

Who are you calling a "face-ache"?

The Chambers Dictionary has a new edition coming out this this week, and it includes a list of interesting insults using creative vocabularly. Like these!
  • Candle-waster: Someone who studies late.
  • Chawbacon: A country person.
  • Face-ache: An ugly or disagreeable person.
  • Humgruffin: A terrible person.
  • Ink-jerker: A professional author or journalist.
  • Propeller-head: An obsessively studious or technologically minded person.
  • Quidnunc: An inquisitive, gossiping person.
  • Rantipole: A wild, reckless person.
  • Young fogey: A young person who adopts old-fashioned opinions, appearance, etc.

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