September 21, 2011

How Much Is That Author in the Window?

Best-selling children’s author Bart King will be writing his next book in the front window of A Children’s Place bookstore (4807 NE Fremont, Portland, OR) from October 3-7.

Passersby will see King writing his new YA novel, No Vampires. No Zombies. One Demon. Additionally, they may be treated to rare glimpses of the writer chatting, snacking, and goofing off.

King is engaging in this impressive act as a lead-in to Wordstock, Portland’s premier literary event. (Wordstock’s main events are October 8-9 at the Oregon Convention Center.) But he also has more selfish motives.

“There are too many distractions when I write at home,” the author said. “The bird chirps; good grief, the chirps! It’s maddening. But by sequestering myself away from all human contact in this bookstore window, I’ll finally get some work done.”

King’s laptop will be projected onto a large screen, so his progress will be visible to all. “I’ll be open to suggestions as I write,” the author said. “I’m especially willing to listen to any film offers.”

But wait—King is best known for his humorous nonfiction. Why is he writing his first novel in a shop window? “True, this project is outside of my usual comfort zone,” King replied. “So I’m writing this book in my DIScomfort zone. Ha! Do you see what I did there?”

This event will be quite a thrill for visitors interested in seeing a writer in his natural habitat. Particularly grateful onlookers may choose to take advantage of the author’s Tip Jar.

The Oregonian
A CHILDREN’S PLACE has been the premier children’s bookstore in the Pacific Northwest for over thirty years. While it has hosted events with authors like Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, and Brian Jacques, nothing can match the excitement the staff is feeling for this happening. (503) 284-8294

BART KING writes funny books for younger readers and immature adults. His most recent is Cute! A Guide to All Things Adorable. Bart has over a half-million books in print,

B. King’s Writing Schedule
Mon., Oct. 3: 3-6 PM       Tues., Oct, 4: 2-5 PM          Wed., Oct. 5: 3-6 PM
                Thur., Oct. 6th: 2-5 PM         Fri., Oct. 7th: 1:30-4:30 PM

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