September 17, 2011

Who stole Sammy Hagar's cape?

As you may know, I try to only read the finest works of literature and nonfiction. And I just wrapped up Sammy Hagar’s memoir, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. The part that stands out most isn't about Van Halen. It was this story from Hagar’s earliest days as a musician:
My first band never played a gig, but we had capes . . . [we bought] the fabric and talked one of the guys’ mothers into making them—black velvet, red lining, Dracula collars. We wore them around town . . . We thought we were really cool. We decided we would wear them to a dance in Riverside, but we were too young to drive. We hitchhiked. Nobody was going to pick us up wearing those capes, so we rolled them up and put them on again when we got to the dance. Only they wouldn’t let us wear the capes inside the dance, so we rolled them up again and stashed them outside in the bushes. When we came out, they were gone. Somebody stole them. My mother thought the whole thing was hilarious. 
Years later, when my mom was interviewed for the local paper about me, she told them, ‘Oh, his first band. They had capes.’

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