October 20, 2011

"Welcome to my home."

Wow, look at that cool cat house! But I'm afraid its product description raises more questions than it answers.

The Only Heated Outdoor Cat House
—This is the only heated outdoor cat home that keeps felines warm and comfy in cool temperatures. [As opposed to the heated outdoor cat homes that don't keep the cat warm?

—A removable 20-watt heater inside the floor of the house generates radiant heat that warms the floor yet is not hot to human touch. [Uh . . . what about to a CAT’S touch?

—The house’s front and back doors allow cats to come and go as they please. [A fatal design flaw! This doesn’t facilitate entrances and exits that may proves DISPLEASING to the cat, like if a crazed badger or lovelorn wombat tried to break and enter the premises.]
But the best point to be made about this Heated Outdoor Cat House comes from Robert Basler: “You know what else keeps felines warm and comfy in cool temperatures? My own house, which I share with my pets instead of making them live in the yard.”
Product here


Robert Basler said...

Thanks, Bart... From me and my pets.

Bart King said...

You're all always welcome in our Heated Organisms Home!