November 29, 2011

This is uninteresting.

The annual event known as the Boring Conference is dedicated to all things uninteresting. So the more yawn-inducing the subject matter, the better suited it is for the audience. This year’s highlight:  a seminar on the square root of two. Here are the some of the other Boring Conference presentations from the last two events:
  • Cataloguing ties: It might seem arcane, but building an index of cravats and ties remains a sartorial skill. Conference-goers learnt that logging should be based on colour, material and fabric.
  • Milk matters: Everyone knows semi-skimmed is better for you than full fat but how do various types rate?
  • Beauty of car park roofs: Inside they are depressingly, gear-crunchingly narrow and harrowingly expensive. But once you reach the top, you're rewarded with a bird's-eye view.
  • The life and times of Budgens supermarkets: Little did John Budgen know, back in 1872, that he was founding a supermarket dynasty that would not rival Tesco or Sainsbury's.
  • The advance of the hand-drier: Electric driers had advanced little from George Clemens's first patented invention in 1948. But 45 years later Mitsubishi devised the Jet Towel and revolutionised the world of hand sanitation.

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