February 15, 2012

Behold the glory of PREGNESIA

Sure, the title of this Harlequin romance is chuckle-worthy. But I'm starting to get intrigued based on the Amazon reviews:

Pregnesia is either a [work of genius] or the single worst piece of writing I've ever read... I'm leaning towards the former... Pregnesia is to romance novels what Showgirls is to the backstage musical film. It contains insane plot twists, a total lack of character development or motivation, a lot of driving in circles, terrible dialogue, shopping trips to Wal-Mart...
 I read this book in an hour. I was laughing for approximately 45 minutes of that hour.
And then there’s this:
This book is so stupid a kind of grandeur creeps into it. Really, it's like the stupidest thing I've ever read and it's so good for it.

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