February 27, 2012

The Diagram nominees are in!

Each year, the Diagram prize is given to the year's book with the most unusual title. This year's nominees include:
  • A Century of Sand Dredging in the Bristol Channel: Volume Two by Peter Gosson. Documents the sand trade from its inception in 1912 to the present day, focusing on the Welsh coast. (I love that this is the second volume!)
  • Cooking with Poo by Saiyuud Diwong. Take it easy. This is a Thai cookbook; “Poo” is Thai for “crab” and is also Diwong’s nickname.
  • Estonian Sock Patterns All Around the World by Aino Praakli. Self-explanatory—gah, I nodded off there for a moment.
  • A Taxonomy of Office Chairs by Jonathan Olivares. Exhaustive overview of the evolution of the modern office chair.
  • The Mushroom in Christian Art by John A Rush. Seemingly self-explanatory.

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