February 3, 2012

The Door-to-Door Novelist

Moments ago, our doorbell rang. Answering, I found an earnest gentleman clutching a clipboard and a book.

He was selling something. *sigh*

But the catch was that he was selling his novel. In fact, as he quickly told me, it was the second novel of his Portland trilogy.

Now I'm no marketing expert, but I'm not convinced that should be at the top of his sales pitch.

Of course, this was mildly irritating. But as I took the door-to-door novelist's card, I realized that he was less annoying than the usual gladhanders, peddlers, hucksters, and urchins who ply their wares on my doorstep.

Closing the door, I found myself admiring the novelist's rugged individualism. I have to steel myself to send out publicity emails, and as for phone calls, forget it. But this guy is taking it to the streets! So good on him.

(Note to Self: Get a "No Soliciting" sign already.)

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