March 31, 2012

Dam! Beware the terror of "Rodent Mutation"

Bron Fane's Rodent Mutation was published in 1961. It warned of the dangers of giant mutated beavers walking on two legs. ("Civilization staggered before the onslaught of these radioactive giants!")

Thankfully, Fane's warning was heeded, and mankind avoided its terrible fate. It would have involved a lot of wood chewing, dam building, and tail slapping. (Image via James Vaughan.)

Bonus: If you want to see an inappropriate —but fun!— title for a baby-rearing book, click "Read more." (No kids allowed!)

Is it possible that there's really a person named Omerta Hickey? (I also love the subtitle: "What to Do With It Now That It's Out")

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